Peer-Reviewed Publications:

“Color-Blind Rhetoric in Obama’s 2008 ‘Race Speech’: The Appeal to Whiteness and the  Disciplining of Rhetoric.” Rhetorics of Whiteness: Postracial Hauntings in Popular Culture, Social Media, and Education, 2016. Ed. Tammie M. Kennedy, Joyce Irene Middleton, and Krista Ratcliffe. Pre-peer reviewed manuscript available here.

“Epideictic Rhetoric in Jezebel’s Breastfeeding Blogs: The Battle for Normalcy.” Fabricating the Body: Effects of Obligation and Exchange in Contemporary Discourses. Ed. Sarah Burcon. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. PDF available here.

“The ‘Hispanic’ Race Debate: Limitations of the Term in an Orlando School Board Controversy.” Xchanges 9.1 (2013). Available here.

“Technology and Models of Literacy in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction.” Brave New Teenagers: Contemporary YA Dystopias. Ed. Carrie Hintz, Balaka Basu, and Kate Broad. New York: Routledge, 2013. 145-156. PDF available here.

“The Discourse of Medium: Time as a Narrative Device.” Time in Television Narrative:  Exploring Temporality in 21st Century Programming. Ed. Melissa Ames. Jackson, MS: UP of Mississippi, 2012. 190-201. PDF available here.

“Helping Students Negotiate Dialects in the Writing Center.” The Writing Lab Newsletter 34.9-10 (2010): 14-15. PDF available here and online.

Taylor, Timothy N., Nia Klein, Kristi McDuffie, Fern Kory, Devin Black, and Serena Heath. “Kairotic Moments in the Writing Center.” Praxis: A Writing Center Journal 7.1 (2009). Available here.

Other publications:

Review of “MW.02 Breaking Down Barriers and Enabling Access: (Dis)Ability in Writing Classrooms and Programs” CCCC 2014 Reviews Kairos 19.1 Available here.

“Response to Gorgias Revisited.” Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects 5.1 (2014). Available here.

Review of Reading, Writing, and the Rhetorics of Whiteness by Wendy Ryden and Ian Marshall. Textual Overtures 1. (2013). PDF available here and full issue available here.

“From Contributions to Costs: The Cultural Implications of Obituaries.” Grassroots Writing Research Journal 3.2 (2013): 17-24. PDF available here and full issue available here.

Response to “S.978 Remix.” Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects  4.1 (2012). Available here.

“Swimming in Literary Analysis.” Grassroots Writing Research Journal 2.2 (2012): 73-80. PDF available here and entire issue available here.

Response to Cecelia Jones’s “MyStory.” Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects  3.1 (2011). Available here.


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